Radical Australia Cup 2014 – Round 3 – Phillip Island

Stiletto Performance boss Vanessa here, just recapping a stellar racing weekend to kick off the news posts here at Stiletto Performance! I jetted off to Phillip Island over the weekend to turn some spanners on some of the coolest looking cars in pitlane.

But first let me take a selfie.


I’m kidding. Sorry.

But here are some photos from the Radical RXC Launch function at Collins Square in Melboure before I hit the road down to the Island.

20140522_192314  20140522_191453


Phillip Island is known for 3 things. A spectacular GP circuit, penguins (never seen those) and the most unpredictable weather in the known universe. Wets, slicks, gumboots or hearing protection for the thunder, it can be a race engineer’s nightmare or dream, depending on how you look at it.


After switching between wet and dry setup for the first two days, Sunday morning’s warmup session brought with it a deluge like no other and a stupendously loud crack of thunder that may or may not have contributed to the copious amounts moisture in some cockpits. It also triggered numerous low oil temperature alarms and calls for last minute visor wipes.

By Sunday I found myself looking after the familiar yellow First Neon SR8 of Peter White. A phenomenal car and great bloke, it was nice to be back with team PWR for a day!


Naturally, by the time the final race of the day rolled around, the sun was out.  Pete found himself involved in a few mishaps out of his control but still managed to hold on for second place overall.


As per usual, the worst part of a Radical race weekend is leaving the rest of the crew behind at the departure lounge, but it also means we are a few steps closer to the next round. And boy is the next round a big one!

The First Neon Radical 250 is a two part endurance event with a 15 minute break in between for refuelling and minor adjustments. If last year’s event is anything to go by, this year should be even more spectacular, with the regular drivers bringing in professional co-drivers to fill out the ranks and create some truly special racing. If you’re near Sydney Motorsports Park on the 12-13 July I highly recommend dropping in to check out the action!


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